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material options.

make your art prints truly stand out with our high-quality fine art papers. we source our print media from some of the best paper mills in the world, ensuring your artwork is presented with exceptional quality. choose from our three options to fit your personal taste and budget.

gallery smooth matte premium art paper.
value pick
  • premium art paper with a smooth, non-reflective matte finish.

  • 245µm thickness at 235gsm.

  • super smooth matte surface for a refined look and minimal glare.

  • high whiteness for pin-sharp, vibrant prints.

  • wide colour gamut for consistent colour reproduction.

  • a popular choice for fine art prints, exhibitions, galleries and home decor.

  • FSC (forest stewardship council) certified and acid-free.

heavyweight silk lustre fine art paper.
most popular
  • our signature, gallery-quality art paper and preferred selection for art prints.

  • 245µm thickness at 240gsm.

  • sleek, silky satin finish with a high ink density limit.

  • high level of white brilliance, resulting in prints that are extraordinarily sharp and vibrant.

  • effortless 'out-of-the-box' colour intensity without excessive glare, striking the ideal equilibrium.

  • archival grade paper, widely favoured for fine art printing worldwide.

  • FSC (forest stewardship council) certified and acid-free.

  • made in Germany.

natural fibre textured fine art paper.
  • gallery-grade, naturally fibrous textured fine art paper.

  • 275µm thickness at 210gsm.

  • textured, tactile matte finish - reminiscent of traditional artists watercolour paper.

  • natural, off-white warmth enhances the vibrancy of the captured colours.

  • better suited to larger prints, as the surface texture can visually overwhelm smaller prints.

  • archival grade paper, widely favoured for fine art printing requiring higher sensory attributes.

  • FSC (forest stewardship council) certified, acid-free and oba (optical brightening agent) free.

  • made in France.

cant decide?

it really depends on the look you want and how much you're willing to spend. here's a quick breakdown to help you decide:

  • gallery smooth matte (great value): this paper is super smooth and won't glare. it shows great detail and lots of colours, but the colours might appear a little softer than on other papers. it's a good choice for affordable everyday prints or artwork you plan to frame behind glass.

  • heavyweight silk lustre (most popular): this paper is a crowd-pleaser! it delivers amazing image quality with sharp details, vibrant colours, and a slight sheen. it's also more durable than matte paper and resists smudging. this is a great pick if you want professional-looking art prints that "wow" right away.

  • natural fibre textured (unique look): this paper feels like real artist paper, with a textured surface and a warm, natural look. the colours might be a touch muted compared to satin papers - because of the natural off-white tone - but that adds to the handmade charm. keep in mind this paper needs a frame for protection and careful handling.

still not sure? no problem! contact us and we'll be happy to help you choose the perfect paper for your artwork.